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Lowongan Kerja Medan Terbaru di Taman Simalem Resort - RETAIL SUPERVISOR - Lowongan Kerja Medan Terbaru di Taman Simalem Resort is the Indonesian word for garden or park and Simalem ¡n the ethnic Batak Karo language means pleasant, the exuberant feeling that visitors experience once they enter the resort. Located on the north-western hills of Lake Toba, visitors are ¡n for a perennial treat of fresh and cool mountain air, the natural unspoilt scenery and a breath-taking view of the lake. The resort can be reached ¡n 2.5 hours drive from Medan, the provincial capital of North Sumatera. Within an area of more than 200ha, Taman Simalem Resort offers wide-ranging activities for visitors. It is home to Indonesia’s largest Loquat farm and is also North Sumatera’s largest Passion Fruit Farm. An extremely challenging 9-hole par 34 golf course is set amidst coffee and tea plantations. The resort offers a wide range of accomodation from campsites to lodges with lake views and cottages in the jungle. Taman Simalem Resort is developed by PT Merek lndah Lestari, an associated company of Hotel Sibayak Internasional Berastagi, North Sumatera’s first 4-star resort, in partnership with Nexus Investment Pte Ltd, a Singapore investment company.

Kami PT. Merek Indah Lestari (Taman Simalam Resort) membuka beberapa lowongan beberapa tenaga kerja untuk ditempatkan pada posisi:

RetailSupervisor manages a team of staff members at Agro Mart & Cafe. The position is responsible for ensuring that financial objectives set for the outlet are met and that all aspects of the store are running smoothly at all times. The role includes coordinatingstock level of all products and services offered at the outlet, setting up displays, monitoring team activity, assisting customers and reporting outlet/ staff performances to management.

Job Requirements
  • Proven experience as supervisor in relevant role
  • Familiar with legal operational guidelines of retail store and café.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Outstanding organizational and leadership skills
  • Good knowledge of MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
  • Diploma/Certificate in Hospitality Industry
  • A degree in management or relevant discipline will be considered an advantage

Job Responsibilities
  • Manage a team of staff consisting of Agro Sales/ Guest Officers, cashier, barista, waiter/ waitress and any in-store staff to ensure that they complete their assigned tasks in a timely manner. The role includes training, counseling, disciplining, scheduling duty/ off days and evaluate job performances of team members.
  • Monitor outlet’s finances. This includes formulating and recommending pricing policies, drawing up budgets, scheduling expenditures, analyzing discrepancies between the budget and actual expenses, analyzing profitability ratios and implementing corrective measures.
  • Upkeep and organize outlet appearances, including the rearranging of shelves, the setting up of displays and maintaining the safety, hygiene and cleanliness of the outlet.
  • Maintain inventory to make sure that all items are in stock while always strive to eliminate as much waste as possible. This involves coordinating deliveries, checking inventory numbers, managing fluctuating supply and demand by working with processing/ production departments, recording missing or stolen merchandise and planning special discount offers as needed.
  • Assist Customers to ensure enjoyable and relaxing shopping experiences. This role ranges from finding specific items to correcting pricing mistakes to administering refunds or discounts as well as attends to customers’ questions, complaints and issues.
  • Identify current and future retail trends that appeal to consumers.

Please send your CV to:

PT. Merek Indah Lestari  
Jl. Sutomo No. 25 A (Simpang Sei Kera) 
or via email to


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Lowongan Kerja Medan Terbaru di Taman Simalem Resort - RETAIL SUPERVISOR
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