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Info Loker Bank BUMN Terbaru Januari 2021 ODP Bank BNI

Medanloker - Info Loker Bank BUMN Terbaru Januari 2021 di PT BANK NEGERA INDONESIA - BNI. Bank Negera Indonesia - BNI membuka peluang kerja bagi Anda untuk menjadi bagian dari Perusahaan dengan Posisi berikut:

Officer Development Program - 2021

Job Description

Whether you are a fresh graduate or someone seeking a new challenge, BNI provide you with the opportunity to nurture your career in Officer Development Program

As our bank continues to grow, we need more talented employees to become our future leaders. We need fresh, creative, skillful, and adventurous individuals who will lead and manage the bank’s transformation to achieve its mission in the future.

To be well prepared as our future leaders, you will be required to undergo this journey :

Samapta (military based leadership program)

One year comprehensive bankers training (you will be evaluated in the end of training)

Minimum Qualifications

Entrance Requirements :

  • S1 /S2 from reputable universities with relevant field of studies
  • Proficient in English and submit your score in the application (TOEFL /IELTS), we only accept score provided by official /authorized institution and valid
  • Current status is not married and willing to not get married during program (1 year)
  • No direct (nuclear) family currently working as an active employee of BNI

After you succeeded to be ODP BNI, you will be allowed to get these benefits (based on company's regulation) :

  1. Annual Bonus
  2. Quarterly Bonus
  3. Flexible Loan
  4. Personal Learning Wallet to support your never-ending improvement
  5. Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship opportunity
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Info Loker Bank BUMN Terbaru Januari 2021 ODP Bank BNI
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